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About us

Bell Bimbo is based on the dream of its founder, Tatiana Kolot. She had a dream then – to create fashionable and stylish clothes for her daughter Anna and her friends. So thus, Bell Bimbo had begun with mother's dream 25 years ago.

Today Bell Bimbo brand clothes are created with caring hands and with mother's love. We launched our own factory in Vitebsk, which is the most creative city in Belarus: Marc Chagall and Kazimir Malevich used to perform there. Dreams come true!

The brand's symbol is a bird. The wings of two birds are making a shape of heart, which is the central element of the Bell Bimbo logo. The logo shows a mother's heart which is treasuring every success story of her child.

Bell Bimbo brand is inspired by the spirit of children's creativity and their desire to discover new things

Bell Bimbo style features are multilayering, by mixing different textures and forms and addition technological elements and materials. We add bright and creative decor to simple shapes.

Harmony in style is expressed through the integration of various design elements into one look. We focus on the details and elements of the decor — they are well-balanced, smart, they needed to be taken a close look at.

We help to create a smart wardrobe – these are not just separate beautiful items, but a lot of looks for different occasions and situations.

Kids are amazing

Nowadays Bell Bimbo supports children's and their parents' itch for fashion and expressing their individuality. Kids are bright, bold, unpredictable, talented. They dream, create, make discoveries and make this world better.

We support a kid's ambition for self-expression and their intention to be an individual. We sincerely believe that every kid is unique! Our goal is to help children express themselves by creating their own character and style!

We create apparel for children from 1 to 13 years

While developing the collection we pay special attention and respect to the kids' psychology factors at each stage of growing-up process.

We create separate lines for children and teenagers. We consider learning style, ergonomics, and kids' requests at a certain age and create separate capsules for each age in seasonal collections. Our design considers the physiological characteristics of the kid at each age.

We know that "smart casual" is particularly important for girls and sporty design elements are important for boys. As well as everyone want to be stylish and feel comfortable at the same time.


✓ Separate production line.
✓ Modern equipment (Gerber computerized cutting, Juki sewing machines, Barudan embroidery equipment etc.).
✓ Well-adjusted production quality control system.
✓ Garment digital printing with special nontoxic inks.
✓ Staff training and education.

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